About Bear Readymix

Bear Readymix: Our Company

We founded Bear Readymix in 2003 as a family-centric operation. From the beginning, we’ve been deeply committed to serving the readymix concrete needs of the Alamo City. Before founding our ready mix company, we were involved in the trucking industry, where we hauled sand and gravel. Our contacts there made a transition into construction materials supply a natural fit. We haven’t looked back, and our decision to open a ready mix company in San Antonio has proven a sound business decision.

In fact, in 2017, we opened our second, onsite readimix concrete plant, providing us not only with increased capacity, but also with a potential backup-supply source. Both facilities run on a computerized, high-tech Batch Control System with cutting-edge features and functionality. Our system enables razor-sharp batching accuracy, combined with complete control of every aspect of the readymix production process.

Like every company, we’ve experienced growing pains, along with assorted ups and downs. However, thanks to our dedicated employees and loyal customers, we’re pleased to affirm that we’ve enjoyed far more good times than bad. No matter our challenges or successes, our commitment to service and to delivering high-quality San Antonio readymix concrete has never changed.

And it never will.

Bear readymix concrete san antonio

Our Commitment to San Antonio Readymix

At Bear Readymix, we are unwavering in dedication to producing and delivering high-quality, competitively priced readymix concrete in San Antonio.

Your San Antonio Readymix Partner

Everyone in our company—from mixers to dispatchers and batchmen, to the owners—shares the same unwavering commitment to excellence and to a customer service experience that makes us worthy of repeat business.

We consider ourselves a partner with everyone involved in a readymix delivery job. From our readimix customers, to various contractors, and concrete pump companies, we strive to coordinate with every group, working hard to make on-time deliveries of high-quality San Antonio readymix concrete.

In our decade-and-a-half in business, we’ve serviced the San Antonio readymix needs of hundreds of satisfied customers. We couldn’t be prouder to produce and deliver readymix concrete in San Antonio—the great Alamo City, with all its diversity, culture, and rich heritage. If you’re interested in hiring Bear Readymix for your next job, contact us today.

Supplying San Antonio Readymix & Beyond

You needn’t look far to find our work in the Alamo city. We’re pleased to have produced and delivered readymix concrete for jobs in downtown San Antonio, in the suburbs, in surrounding communities, and everywhere in between. We’ve delivered readymix for work in almost every major subdivision in the area:

• Alamo Heights
• Dominion
• Redbird Ranch
• Stubbing Farms
• Champion
• Terrell Hills and many more

We’ve also done deliveries for numerous apartment complexes, Alamo City businesses, universities, residential dwellings, and everything in between.

Bear Readymix: Our San Antonio Concrete is Custom-Blended

Our products are tailor-made to suit each client’s needs. We produce all our concrete onsite, at our two San Antonio readymix concrete plants, using the highest-quality concrete aggregates, additives, and cement. We use thoroughly maintained, industry-standard equipment, too, and run both our San Antonio readymix concrete plants using a state-of-the-art Batch Control System. Our fully-computerized system enables razor-sharp efficiency and accuracy.

Whether you need a fine aggregates or a coarse aggregates mix, we can create the perfect blend to suit your needs—whatever the job or specifications:

• Curb Mix
• Flowable Fill
• Exposed Aggregate

And we can formulate a full range of PSI ratings. Whatever your needs, whatever the job, we guarantee the strength and durability of our San Antonio readymix concrete. We guarantee its potential for a superior, durable finish, too:

• Foundations
• Driveways
• Sidewalks and much more
What kind of readymix blend do you need? Contact Bear Readymix today and let’s talk about mixing a delivery for your job.